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Sonia Mackwani, Founder-Touching Lives, says journey to mental health can start with Gin Soaked Boy

Updated: May 29, 2023

In my practice – I always encourage people to do their Self-Work. This book is a step toward that. The author’s intention is to support reader to understand our own lives and our loved ones who matter to us. Written in a form of 12 chapters signifying the 12 signs of depression in a story format, the book is an attempt to demystify this elusive illness. It is a poignant story that will resonate with anyone who is curious about depression and provide insight to how we could save each other, support each other, and lead mindful relationships. The book will make you vulnerable in a good way for it brings you closer to your own potential of holding another human being as you are being held by this book.

Your journey into your mental health can begin with this book.

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