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Gayathri Devadasan, Psychologist Feedback on Gin Soaked Boy and depression

Updated: May 29, 2023

The author takes us on the journey of a man struggling through depression and substance (alcohol) dependence. The writing sensitively captures different symptoms of mental illness with realism. The description of the internal world of protagonist Raj is shared alongside his external behaviour andouter reality. This includes his social support system which progressively breaks down as his mental health deteriorates. The painful irony is that his own mind isolates him from the very people and resources he needs to support and bring him to recovery. Depression often takes the form of anger inmasculine genders, anger which distances and destroys. As Raj’s illness worsens without treatment, he begins to lose connection with himself and others. His negative thoughts drive him into hopelessness till he is not able to hear anything else. Raj’s sad ending is unfortunately the story of many individuals who suffer in silence or are unable to access timely professional help. I hope this book reaches and offers support to those who are unable to help themselves. Perhaps with a shift from ‘saving’ to ‘changing’ lives.  



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