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A tale of love, laughter and depression hidden behind a bottle of alcohol

Gin Soaked Boy is a must read for anyone interested in understanding the elusive world of depression and its manifestations in the cultural context of a country like India. Written as 12 acts, each delves into one hidden symptom that could eventually lead to depression. 


For education and mental health

All proceeds from the book go towards NGO Touching Lives to support education, mental health and art expression of the children and communities from low socio-economic backgrounds.

What people say about

Gin Soaked Boy

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“Your journey into your mental health can begin with this book”

Sonia Mackwani, Founder - Touching Lives

About the author

Sandeep Mathew is a Sales & Marketing leader at Unilever. His purpose is to 'Script Highs' where he is in a chronic state of healthy dissatisfaction to seek out highlight moments, and then write about them. He has written LinkedIn articles, Travel Blogs and even Stand Up Comedy.


Some years back, Sandeep lost his best friend to depression. While one life couldn’t be saved, Sandeep believes that if the signs were read at the right time and interventions implemented, hopefully another could be.


Gin Soaked Boy is Sandeep’s attempt at preventing another loss of life to depression. 

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